UX Brief

Innovation Hub Project Overview

  • Design and develop a web experience to replace the digital PDF that will be exciting, interactive, and an engaging platform to discover the wide range of ARM-based products.
  • The proposed user experience will utilize a parallax scrolling navigation method while utilizing pre-existing creative to view the range of ARM-based products.
  • The experience should exist under the main ARM.com website with appropriate sign postings for user visibility. Users would also be able to access the site via a vanity URL such as www.arm.com/hub or www.arm.com/innovation-hub.

Value Proposition

Innovation Hub Objectives

  • The Innovation Hub will prioritize campaign alignment. If not exclusive to this, we will try and push as many exciting and interesting products and innovations to develop a comprehensive archive showcasing ARM technology.
  • Update with 2 to 4 new products per month.
  • Shareability via social media platforms to make ARM content viral.
  • Combine with paid promotions to drive traffic and generate new fans.
  • Align to support campaigns, events and demos.
  • Use Connected Community to pull partners in to promote shared products based on ARM.
  • Replace ARM-Powered Products on ARM.com within the Markets area. Long-term existence.
  • Aim over time: to become a self-feeding machine, e.g., ST provide products and we obtain necessary info and reference ST and include their logo.

Content Structure

Article-style Content

  • Structure:
    • The product: what is so special/exciting/new or interesting about it? What problem does it solve?
    • Technical details: ARM technology inside, the partner and chip mentioned
    • High-resolution images of product and company logo
    • Embed video into product page
    • Possible tab at the side which highlights the whole solution, e.g., Artisan, Keil, SecurCore

Design, Development, Testing

How to Get There

  • Concepts created for key pages or flows within the Hub
  • Homepage, Product page, Header/Footer treatments
  • Content developed for initial launch of the Hub
  • Original Images, videos, and written content/messaging
  • Development: Assets, HTML, CSS, parallax logic, Templates, CMS
  • IT Code Review: DEV and QA environment code reviews required by IT
  • User Acceptance Testing: Stakeholder testing and acceptance in QA environment
  • Launch may require coordination with IT release schedule

Milestones and Go-Live

High-level Project Process

  • Project Approval: Approval from stakeholders on high-level proposal
  • Product Content: Images, written messaging, product content, and videos
  • Design Concepts: Creation of key screen concepts
  • Concept Iteration and Approval: Four weeks to iterate and approve key concepts before development begins
  • Development: Web and CMS development
  • Development Approval: Stakeholder approval of development
  • QA Migration: Dev to QA migration including CMS
  • User Acceptance Testing: Stakeholder Testing on QA environment
  • PRO Migration: QA to PRO migration including CMS